During my journey I traveled to many places of the world. I have seen and met many obstacles, hard times, experienced war, fear, intimidation, but there was always the faith and hope that kept me going. I grew up in Iraq and was born in Mosul. As Kurdish citizen, we were treated very badly by the Iraqi regime. When the time came for me to be drafted into the military during the war between Iraq and Iran, the government wanted us to go to war, but I took a different path. I did not join my post and that is when my story began. The long struggle, the 14 days walking through Iran, Turkey and Syria. I experienced going to Europe. I have seen it all and truly would like to share that with my readers so that they can appreciate the freedom that we have in America today.

Waleed O. Atrushi Sr.

About the Author

I came to America in 1983 as a refugee and work my way up to become a successful businessman running a multi-million dollar company and then I recently just retired enjoying time with my granddaughter ‚my family. After a long journey that took me through many places. I decided to write a book about his journey. I want my readers to understand the struggle that I had to go through to come to America. I want my reader to know how fortunate they are to live in such a country that gives you the opportunity to be free and successful. I feel blessed to live in this great country. I attached a copy of the journal that I brought with me. Everything I’ve been through it’s in the journal that I translated to English. Thank you for reading my book.